How to Use TiviMate Catch Up Function? [Tips and Tricks]

TiviMate is a widely used IPTV player app designed for devices like Fire Sticks, Android TVs, and smartphones. It facilitates the viewing of live TV and on-demand content through M3U URLs from IPTV services. One of its standout features is the “Catch Up” function, which functions similarly to a digital video recorder (DVR), enhancing your control over live TV streams.

In the domain of TiviMate IPTV, “catch-up” describes a functionality that enables users to view content that has already been broadcast, on an on-demand basis. Let’s talk about what TiviMate Catch Up, what are the features of this function, how to use it, things to consider before using, and the limitations of TiviMate Cachup function.

What are the Features of TiviMate Catch Up?

The Catch Up feature in TiviMate Premium offers several functionalities that enhance your viewing experience:

  • Access Past Broadcasts: Missed a show? Catch Up allows you to view programs that have aired previously, ensuring you never miss out due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Pause and Rewind: This function lets you pause live streams or rewind to revisit key moments of a broadcast.
  • Fast Forward: Easily skip through commercials or parts of shows that don’t interest you.
  • Program Guide Integration: Catch Up is integrated with TiviMate’s electronic program guide (EPG), showing available catch-up options and their duration. You should also read out How to Sign Up for TiviMate Premium Account to enjoy the paid features.

How to Use TiviMate Catch Up Function?

To use the Catch Up function in TiviMate latest version, navigate through the app’s main menu or interface to locate a section explicitly labeled “Catch Up.” If this direct option is unavailable, explore other menu categories such as “Archive” or “Library” for access to past broadcasts.

TiviMate Catch Up

Although less common in the latest version, you can still check the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for Catch Up content by selecting a channel and holding the left button on your remote. Remember, the availability and integration of Catch Up features depend significantly on your IPTV service provider.

Key Considerations for Using TiviMate Catch Up

While TiviMate Catch Up offers several advantages, there are important factors to consider:

  • Dependency on IPTV Service: The availability and functionality of Catch Up features heavily depend on the IPTV service provider. Not all providers support this feature, and those that do may have varying restrictions on access times for past broadcasts.
  • Internet Connectivity: A stable and fast internet connection is crucial for uninterrupted streaming of catch-up content.
  • Storage Space: If your IPTV service allows, you might have the option to download shows for offline viewing, which would require adequate storage on your device.

Potential Limitations

There are several reasons why TiviMate Catch Up might not function optimally:

  • IPTV Service Restrictions: Some providers may not support catch-up services or may offer them with limitations on the types of content and viewing period.
  • Playlist Compatibility: The M3U playlist from your provider might not support catch-up features for certain channels.
  • Technical Issues: Glitches in the TiviMate app or your device can affect the performance of the Catch Up feature.

Alternatives to TiviMate Catch Up

For those seeking reliable options beyond TiviMate Catch Up, consider:

  • Subscription-based Streaming Services: Platforms like Netflix and Hulu provide extensive libraries of on-demand content accessible at any time.
  • Official TV Channel Apps: Many broadcasters offer their own apps where you can catch up on past episodes and live streams, though these may require a cable subscription.

Using TiviMate Catch Up Responsibly

When using TiviMate Catch Up, always prioritize legality and security:

  • Legality: Verify that the content accessed through your IPTV service is legally compliant to avoid copyright issues.
  • Security: Approach IPTV services offering extensive catch-up features at low costs with caution, as they may pose security risks.


TiviMate Catch Up can significantly enhance your ability to watch missed programs on live TV. However, the functionality and effectiveness of this feature depend on the support from your IPTV provider and the reliability of your internet connection. Always ensure that the methods you choose for streaming content are both secure and lawful.

FAQs – TvMate Catchup

What are the Features of TiviMate Catch Up?

TiviMate Catch Up allows you to access past broadcasts, pause and rewind live streams, fast forward through content, and integrates with the electronic program guide (EPG) to show available catch-up options.

How to Use TiviMate Catch Up Function?

To use TiviMate Catch Up, navigate to the “Catch Up” section in the app’s main menu or find it under categories like “Archive” or “Library.” You can also access catch-up content through the EPG by selecting a channel and using remote controls.

Key Considerations for Using TiviMate Catch Up:

It’s important to note that the availability and functionality of TiviMate Catch Up depend on your IPTV service provider’s support. Ensure you have a stable internet connection for uninterrupted streaming and consider storage space if downloading content is an option.