TiviMate Premium Lifetime [Switch From Yearly + Cost]

TiviMate is a well-known IPTV player app that is compatible with devices like Amazon Fire Sticks, Android TVs, and smartphones. It facilitates watching live TV and accessing on-demand content through M3U playlists provided by IPTV services. TiviMate offers a “Premium Lifetime” option, which is a one-time purchase that enhances the standard features of the free version.

In this guide, you’ll learn about TiviMate Premium Lifetime’s key features, its benefits, and how to navigate purchasing and upgrading options. We’ll also explore alternatives to TiviMate and key considerations for using IPTV services securely and legally.

Premium Features of TiviMate Premium Lifetime

TiviMate Premium Lifetime

Purchasing the TiviMate Premium Lifetime version provides several upgrades:

  • Multi-device Support: Stream on up to five devices simultaneously (the exact limit may vary by version).
  • EPG Customization: Personalize the electronic program guide for better navigation.
  • Favorites Management: Easily create and manage a list of your favorite channels.
  • Catch Up: Access to previously aired programs, subject to availability from your IPTV provider.
  • Ad-free Experience: Enjoy viewing without interruptions from advertisements.
  • Additional Features: Depending on the version, features like parental controls, recording and channel logos may also be available.

What is the TiviMate Premium Lifetime Cost?

TiviMate provides a Premium Lifetime option available as a one-time purchase, usually costing approximately $29.95 USD. This purchase removes the restrictions found in the free version and includes enhancements such as support for multiple devices and the ability to customize the Electronic Program Guide (EPG). You can also follow this method if your TiviMate EPG isn’t working.

FeatureFree VersionPremium Lifetime
PriceFreeOne-time purchase (around $29.95 USD)
Number of DevicesLimited (usually 1)Up to 5 devices (may vary by version)
EPG CustomizationNoYes (personalize channel guide)
Favorites ManagementNoYes (create and manage favorite channels)
Catch UpLimited by serviceLimited by service (potentially more options)
AdsYesNo ads
Additional FeaturesNoneMay vary by version (e.g., parental controls, channel logos)

Important Considerations Before Purchasing

  • Legality: While TiviMate itself is a legal application, the legality of the content depends on the M3U playlists used. Ensure these playlists are from legitimate IPTV services that provide legal access to their content.
  • Security: Be wary of IPTV services promising extensive features at low “lifetime” costs; these can be insecure or infected with malware.
  • Content Dependency: Remember, TiviMate Premium does not supply content itself; you will still require an M3U playlist from an IPTV service to view channels.
  • Service Limitations: Features like Catch Up are dependent on the capabilities of your IPTV provider.

Alternatives to TiviMate Premium Lifetime

  • Free Version of TiviMate: If the Premium features are not essential, the free version of TiviMate offers basic functionality.
  • Subscription-based Streaming Services: Legal streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu often provide more stable and secure content with extensive libraries. There are few methods you can follow to get rid of TiviMate buffering issue.

Purchasing TiviMate Premium Lifetime

  • Official Website: Some versions of TiviMate may offer Premium purchases through their website.
  • In-app Purchase: Alternatively, an in-app purchase option might be available directly within the TiviMate app.

Switching from Yearly to Premium Lifetime

If you’re considering moving from a yearly subscription to Premium Lifetime, here are the steps you might follow:

  1. Via Google Play Store (if applicable):
    • Open the Google Play Store app.
    • Navigate to “My subscriptions” and cancel your yearly TiviMate subscription.
    • After your subscription ends, search for the “Premium Lifetime” option and purchase it.
  2. Direct Purchase (if no upgrade path in Play Store):
    • Allow your yearly subscription to expire.
    • Purchase Premium Lifetime directly through the official TiviMate website or as an in-app purchase.


TiviMate Premium Lifetime enhances your streaming experience with valuable features. Before upgrading or purchasing, ensure the service meets legal standards and fulfills your streaming needs. Opting for a lifetime subscription can offer lasting benefits, making it a worthwhile consideration for committed users.