TiviMate Recording Guide

TiviMate offers a great recording feature that allows users to save their favorite shows for offline viewing. Just log into your TiviMate Premium application and set up your recording schedule. Once you’ve configured it, the app will automatically record the show at the specified time and for the set duration. The recorded content is then saved in the app’s gallery, where you can watch it whenever you like.

These days, not everybody has time to watch live TV shows due to the busy work routine and many people prefer watching offline recording videos in their leisure time. What can you do if you miss an episode and want to watch it later, especially with today’s demand for on-demand content?

Let’s explore the benefits of TiviMate Recording, a remarkable tool that improves your TV viewing experience. This discussion will cover how you can use it to record your favorite programs.

Best Way to Setup TiviMate Recording Settings

TiviMate Recording

Step 1: To start using TiviMate’s recording feature, first install the app and set it up on your device. Once you launch the app, navigate to the main screen and click on the Settings icon.

Setting option in TiviMate

Step 2: From there, click on the “Other” option under the settings.

Accessing the recording storage area in TiviMate

Step 3: Now Press “Recording” Button.

Click Recording in other setting

Step 4: This is where you can choose the Recording folder to determine where your recordings will be saved. You have the option to use your TV’s built-in storage, which is simpler for beginners, or set up remote storage if you prefer.

Select recording folder in TiviMate

Step 5: To record a program, simply find the show you want to record, click on it, and select the “Record” option from the settings.

Record a program TiviMate

Step 6: After recording, manage your saved content by going to Settings > Recording. Here, you can view, play back, delete, or organize your recorded shows.

It’s crucial to recognize that while using TiviMate for recording, you may not always achieve full functionality or the desired outcomes with your recordings.

What is TiviMate Recording?

TiviMate Recording enhances your TV viewing by allowing you to easily record and save your favorite shows. Whether it’s a captivating series, a thrilling sports event, or an engaging documentary, TiviMate has you covered.

Now, you don’t have to miss out on any must-see TV; just set it to record with TiviMate and enjoy at your convenience! Don’t worry if your videos are lagging because you can easily fix TiviMate buffering issue by reducing the video quality.

Key Features of TiviMate Recording

User-Friendly Interface

TiviMate boasts a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to quickly learn how to use it, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned user. The intuitive setup allows you to:

  • Navigate among channels
  • Set up and schedule recordings
  • Manage your saved content

Schedule your recordings

You can schedule recordings of your favorite TV programs in advance, ensuring you never miss out. TiviMate ensures that all episodes and important live events are recorded at the specified times and dates.

Recording Customization

TiviMate gives you the flexibility to customize your recording settings according to your needs. You can select the recording duration, choose the video quality, and decide whether to record an entire series or just a single episode.

Storage Management

Concerned about running out of storage space? TiviMate has solutions for that as well. The app offers efficient storage management options, allowing you to automatically delete old recordings to free up space. Additionally, you have the option to archive recordings on external storage devices.

Advantages of TiviMate Recording

Convenience of Use

If you’re finding it hard to fit TV watching into your busy schedule, TiviMate recording can help. Record your must-see shows and watch them at your convenience, without having to rearrange your day or miss important events.

Time-Shifting Feature

TiviMate includes a superb time-shifting feature that allows you to pause, rewind, and fast-forward through your recorded content. This means you can skip commercials, replay your favorite scenes, or take breaks without missing any key moments.

View Recordings Offline

Planning a long trip or vacation? With TiviMate Recording, you can download your recordings to watch offline, perfect for keeping yourself entertained without needing an internet connection.

Flexible Playback

Enjoy your recorded shows on a variety of devices, whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet, TV, or media player. TiviMate’s compatibility with multiple devices, including Firestick, ensures that you can view your favorite content wherever you are.


Why are my TiviMate recordings failing to start or complete?

Insufficient storage, unstable internet connections, scheduling conflicts, or app bugs can cause recording failures. Make sure you have enough storage, a stable connection, and avoid overlapping recordings.

What causes TiviMate recordings to become corrupted or unplayable?

Recordings can be corrupted due to SD card errors, power outages, or compatibility issues with the device, app version, or storage format. Using reliable SD cards and ensuring device stability can help.

Why aren’t my scheduled recordings showing up in TiviMate?

Outdated EPG data, incorrect time zone settings, or changes in channel availability can lead to missed recordings. Regularly updating your EPG data and checking time settings can prevent this.

What are the limitations of the free version of TiviMate on recording features?

The free version of TiviMate may have restrictions on recording functionalities. Consider upgrading to the paid version for full access to all features.

How can I prevent recording issues on TiviMate?

To avoid recording issues, free up storage space, maintain a strong internet connection, schedule recordings wisely, and keep the app updated.

How do I ensure TiviMate has permission to use external storage for recordings?

On some devices, you may need to manually grant TiviMate permission to access external storage. Check your device’s settings to ensure the app has the necessary permissions.

What should I do if TiviMate crashes during a recording?

If TiviMate crashes during a recording, ensure your app is up to date to benefit from the latest bug fixes. Restart the app and, if persistent issues occur, consider reinstalling or contacting support.

Final Words

TiviMate Recording offers a world of possibilities, putting you in complete control of your viewing experience. With its easy-to-use interface, customizable features, and efficient storage management, TiviMate makes it effortless to record, store, and enjoy your favorite entertainment whenever you want.